Investing Services

With continued expectations for growth in the Yampa Valley this leads to a great opportunity for investment in Steamboat Springs real estate and its surrounding communities. When making an investment in real estate there are a few key components that everyone must consider.

The first is how the investment will be financed. Typically if an individual wants to buy a piece of investment property they must have some type of down payment. Since these properties are not going to be a primary residence then the lenders require 20% down. This may be different with some lenders but it is a good rule of thumb that if you have 20% to put down then you will not have any problem getting financing.

Another key part to all of this is home owners’ association fees. These are fees collected by the association to go towards community amenities, maintenance, snow removal or utilities. These fees are very important in financing calculations because the investor is obligated to pay them but that is money that does not go towards the retirement of mortgage debt.

The last thing to consider is the potential return on investment. The Steamboat Springs real estate market over the last several years has seen returns from 10%- 25% compounded annually making investment in the quite attractive. Given its location in the Rocky Mountains of northwest Colorado and the growing demand for second homes by the baby boomer generation, the opportunity for investment remains strong and good returns should be expected for the foreseeable future. performance digital

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Yearly Steamboat Home Sales

All Sold Listings 661 923 1,068 3,477
Dollar Volume $236,322,119 $361,837,217 $452,822,832 $1,121,036,063
Avg. Price $357,522 $392,023 $423,991 $581,763
Median Price $267,500 $292,000c $311,175 $358,500
Avg. DOM 223 197 180 207