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When an individual is preparing to put their property on the market careful consideration must be taken to ensure that the seller receives the greatest amount of return on their investment.

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First, the current market conditions must be evaluated. The seasonality of the real estate market in Steamboat Springs must be the first thing to consider.

For the most part, most real estate transactions take place in the summer and fall months. This is due to a variety of factors that I will go into more detail about if and when a formal listing presentation is made.

The second thing to evaluate is the most recent sales of similar properties in the general area where the subject property is located. This is where having a real estate professional pays off. I am always aware of the current market trends, and new potential developments and have access to valuation tools that can all affect what the potential value of a home should be.

Also when selling property the seller must commit to a certain level of advertising this is another area where a real estate professional can provide a great service. Individual marketing plans can be developed and property-specific plans can be made to the client’s level of sophistication and personal choice.

I will always look out for the best interest of my client’s properties and try to get them top dollar for their properties.

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