Foregoing Growth Investments

Foregoing Growth Investments

By focusing on dividend payouts, companies may forgo investments that could drive higher growth,

such as mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and entry into new markets.

These growth investments can generate higher long-term returns than immediate but limited returns from dividends.

  1. Example: A company like IBM, which has historically paid high dividends, might miss 관련주 out on strategic acquisitions that could enhance its growth prospects compared to a company like Alphabet which reinvests heavily in growth initiatives.

Impact on Stock Price Appreciation

High dividend payouts can also impact the potential for stock price appreciation.

Companies that reinvest profits into growth opportunities tend to experience higher stock price appreciation over time,

benefiting investors through capital gains in addition to any dividends received.

  1. Example: Growth stocks like Amazon have seen significant stock price appreciation due to their reinvestment strategies, offering substantial capital gains to investors. In contrast, high-dividend-paying stocks might see slower price growth.

Dividend Policy and Growth Trade-Off

The trade-off between dividend policy and growth is a critical consideration for both companies and investors.